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Dr. Ray Ganum

I quickly found the products to be much more effective 👍 and consistent in their results than anything I had previously tested.

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A Word From Dr. Ganum

I’ve been a Chiropractor for over 26 years and I’m constantly searching for new methods and products to use in conjunction with the finest chiropractic care. My intention has always been to assist my patients by helping them achieve their pain-free and wellness goals in the shortest amount of time. Several years ago, I began to study and understand the benefits of CBD products and their effectiveness in reducing pain and inflammation. I often work with military personnel,🎖️ firefighters 🚒 and police officers 👮 and I had to find a product that was effective and that didn’t contain THC because their jobs prohibit their use. I had tried a variety of products from other companies, but my patients mostly seemed disappointed with their limited and inconsistent results. I had pretty much given up 😩with trying to incorporate the use of CBD products in the management of my patients until I met Robert Kenney. He introduced me to his AtoZ Botanical product line. I was a science ⚛ major in college, and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of chemistry 🧪 and how he utilized his understanding and skill to make his products different and more effective. I purchased some of the products and began to use include them in my office. I quickly found the products to be much more effective 👍 and consistent in their results than anything I had previously tested. I’ve been working with Robert and AtoZ Botanicals for nearly 2 years. I’m grateful to not only have found these fantastic products, but I’ve developed a wonderful business relationship with Robert. 👍I have always found him to be professional, friendly, honest, and open to new ideas. He makes himself easily accessible to answer my questions and he has taken time to assist my patients when they’ve had questions in specific cases. I have full confidence in the AtoZ Botanical product because I know that Robert is always trying to improve them to make them the most effective products available.

Dr. Ray Ganum - Irvine California

AtoZ Botanicals

AtoZ Botanicals