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CBD Extraction

Our process of extraction optimizes the naturally occurring benefits of every CBD molecule.

100% Organic

From start to finish, our products are truly “organic” solutions. We refrain from the use of any man made fertilizer, pesticides or growth regulators and infuse with only the finest ingredients.


The “high” effect from ingesting cannabis comes from THC. Our entire line of products are THC free and will not produce any psychoactive effects and will never result in a positive THC drug test.

Customer Testimonials

The first time I used your product I had a typically long day compounded by an insanely busy personal schedule. My wife had me apply your 300mg salve to my hands and feet. I remember thinking "even if this works, It'll never work in this timeframe". I could barely walk and when I woke up I was truly amazed at how much better my hands and feet felt. I still don't quite get how or why your concoction works so well. It's easy to use, smells great and is incredibly inexpensive compared to products that don' t work half as well.

Thank for making this stuff and selling it for such a reasonable price. I can't wait to get another order in.

Richie Sullivan

I have been working with Robert and Donna for over 3 years. I suffer from severe arthritic pain and chronic inflammation. I have tried over a dozen different CBD products as recommended by my physician and nothing really worked as much as I had hoped. With AtoZ's CBD tinctures, my pain is virtually non existent. Any flare ups I do have I just use the salve along with the tincture and the pain and swelling goes away within minutes. I still can't believe products like this exist. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Donna Havir

We are grateful to have found Robert and his CBD products. Our 11 year old black lab Ozzie was diagnosed with Lymphoma and went through the traditional veterinary treatments. We met Robert at the 10 month post-diagnosis mark and began CBD treatments. Currently Ozzie had his 12th birthday and has passed a year post- diagnosis which is the average a pet can live after traditional treatments. Given his breed and older age we notice that he’s getting around better and currently shows no signs of the cancer symptoms.

His quality of life is great, he’s happy and that’s all that matters to us.

Denise & Nathan Sauser

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