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 Three bottles of CBD Natural Comfort Drops with fresh fruit representing the flavors; cut lemon, plump blueberries and peeled tangerine
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'natural comfort 500 mg drops CBD tangerine'
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'natural comfort 500 mg drops CBD lemon'
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'natural comfort 500 mg drops CBD blueberry'
CBD Natural Comfort Drops 500mg
CBD Natural Comfort Drops Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC.

CBD Natural Comfort Drops 500mg



An all-natural product with infused essential oils, our CBD Natural Comfort Drops are the perfect introduction to CBD.   


Add our CBD Natural Comfort Drops to daily vitamins to care for your child’s whole body.  

Child-safe and designed for young adults to help them naturally with no harmful side effects.  These drops are an ideal introduction to the benefits of CBD.  We recommend our Tangerine or Lemon Drops flavored with essential oils..  Recommended for children under 100 pounds.


This gentle and natural approach to wellness is specially formulated for young people choosing a healthy lifestyle.

How to Use

Take one or two full droppers under your tongue, hold 30—60 seconds and swallow.  After 7 days switch to half or one full dropper per day.  Use morning and evening. 


Packaged in a 1 oz bottle with a 1 mL dropper.  Bottle contains 500mg of CBD, 16.6 mg per dropper


From Hyperactive to Focused

From Hyperactive to Focused

“My granddaughter always had trouble sitting still in school, focusing, and just following the rules. We had several calls regarding her behavior. A neighbor suggested CBD and referred me to AtoZ Botanicals. I was very skeptical at first but reached a level of giving up on any solutions and researched the benefits of CBD. After learning that all the ingredients are natural and produce no side effects, I purchased the Support Drops. I couldn’t believe the change in my granddaughter. No more speaking out, misbehaving. She is doing so much better now, and her teachers are all asking me what I did to change her behavior. I am now a true believer!!! Thank you. I’d recommend this product to everyone.” -Melanie

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