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A white jar of CBD Face Cream with a pastel desert label placed in the middle of botanical green plants.
Label for Face Cream 100mg CBD available in 2 ounce size.
CBD Face Cream Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC.

CBD Face Cream 100mg


This formulation contains CBD and CBD Nano. 

Release the day’s tension and support your skin’s fight against the damage of free-radicals with our Face Cream.

Our Face Cream can be used as an under-eye treatment, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, or a daily moisturizer with toning benefits.


Our Face Cream is lightly scented and ideal for daily use. It is designed to provide the best anti-aging treatment. 

How to Use

Apply rub with two fingers to the area, rub for 15-20 seconds.

Reapply as needed.


Packaged in a medium 2 oz container.