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A white jar of CBD Massage Cream with a pastel desert label placed in the middle of botanical green plants.
Label for Massage Cream 500mg CBD available in 2 ounce size.
CBD Massage Cream Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC.

CBD Massage Cream 200mg


Highly recommended by massage therapists.  

This formulation contains CBD and CBD Nano. 

Regular massage can relieve stress, muscle tension, improve flexibility, tension headaches, reduce depression and boost your immune system.


Achieve the essence of peace and tranquility. Our massage cream will leave your muscles relaxed, and skin feeling soft and smooth. Enhance your massage experience by using Massage Cream from AtoZ Botanicals


Our  lightly-scented Massage Cream is ideal for massage therapists or self-care.. Our Massage Cream enhances blood flow, aids in relaxation, and softens skin.

How to Use

Apply rub with two fingers to the area in pain, rub for 15-20 seconds.

Reapply as needed.



Packaged in a medium 2 oz container.