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Three bottles of CBD Natural Premium Drops with fresh fruit representing the flavors; cut lemon, plump blueberries and peeled tangerine
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'natural premium 3000 mg CBD drops tangerine'
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'natural premium 3000 mg CBD drops lemon'
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'natural premium 3000 mg CBD drops blueberry'
Label for Natural Premium Drops 3000mg CBD available in Tangerine, Lemon, Blueberry.
CBD Natural Premium Drops Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC.

CBD Natural Premium Drops 3000mg



 Highly recommended by physicians for pain management. 


A flavorful, natural way to reduce pain and inflammation is with CBD Natural Premium Drops.  Used with our Pain Relief Rubs, this combination is a powerful way to get relief.


With this combination of internal and external treatment, you can dramatically increase blood flow and decrease Inflammation to affected areas. This compound approach shortens the time to experience relief.

Recommended for moderate to extreme pain relief. Helps with sports injuries or past injuries and have developed arthritis in those areas.  If you are struggling with mobility issues and daily pain, these drops will help with pain management and reduce inflammation.


This product is designed for individuals that want a delicious, all-natural, meticulously- infused CBD drop for pain management.

How to Use

Take one or two full droppers under your tongue, hold 30—60 seconds and swallow.  After 7 days switch to half or one full dropper per day. . Use morning and evening. 


Packaged in a 1 oz bottle with a 1 mL dropper.  Bottle contains 3000mg of CBD, 133.3 mg per dropper


Weaned Off Narcotics

Weaned Off Narcotics

“A very dear friend introduced me to AtoZ Botanicals. She knew of my years-long battle with pain. At times, I wanted to cut myself in half and throw away the bottom part. The MRI’s, the spinal taps, the poking and prodding around looking for MS, and a multitude of other diseases to explain my symptoms. The chronic pain and lack of sleep turned me into a shell of myself. I eventually could not do my job as a private chef, or even load my own dishwasher anymore. Once I began taking the tinctures, I saw slow but steady improvement in my sleep and my pain stopped ruining an entire day. Fast forward a couple of years, and I’m now seven weeks out from a double spinal fusion and an additional back surgery a few days later. With AtoZ Botanicals, I was able to wean myself off the narcotics a lot sooner than anyone expected. I use the “Pain Relief Rub” on my healed incision and any other muscle and joint aches. The “Ultra Sleep Aid” and the “Natural Premium 3000mg” drops allowed me to begin the weaning process from all those neuropathy meds that I took for so many years. Thanks to AtoZ Botanicals, I now look forward to a healthy, energetic, happy, and PAIN FREE future.” - Marnita B. Private Chef

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