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 A white jar of CBD Pain Relief Rub with a pastel desert label placed in the middle of botanical green plants.
Label for Pain Relief Rub 100mg CBD available in half, 2, and 4 ounce size.
CBD Pain Relief Rub Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC.

CBD Pain Relief Rub 1000mg


Highly recommended by physicians for pain management.

This formulation contains CBD and Nano CBD.

Diabetic Foot Pain (Neuropathy), Arthritis and Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, and Cramps, are all treatable with our CBD Pain Relief Rub original formula.



We designed this specifically for individuals experiencing chronic pain, providing pain and inflammation relief.

 How to Use

Apply rub with two fingers to the area in pain, rub for 15-20 seconds.

Reapply as needed.

This rub is skin healthy and can be used multiple times daily.  


Packaged in a small .5 oz, medium 2 oz and large 4 oz containers. 

Watch this quick video about how you can feel pain-free naturally.
Designed for Moderate Pain Relief

Designed for Moderate Pain Relief

Diabetic Foot Pain (Neuropathy) increases blood flow affected by Diabetes using this simple-to-use rub. After washing your feet in warm water using a mild soap, apply rub daily to dry skin.

Arthritis and Tendonitis are the swelling and tenderness of joints. A safe and natural solution to prescription medications is available with our rub and oral drops. Combine our rub with swimming, biking, and hiking, as a part of a synergistic health regimen.

Carpal Tunnel can act up during extended stretches of computer activity, take a break, apply CBD Pain Relief Rub, and enjoy renewed capacity in your hands, wrists, and forearms.

Cramps are the worst! Reduce cramping by applying Pain Relief Rub to problem areas. Combine with stretching and massage for comprehensive relief.
The Joy of Relief

The Joy of Relief

"I continue to recommend this product to my entire client base."

"I am a holistic Practitioner who does not personally use chemicals or prescription drugs. I was involved in a boating accident/fall in early Sept of 2019 where I severely injured my back along with tearing stomach/core muscles. I went to my chiropractor shortly after, who predicted I would require 2 weeks of nothing but bed rest to heal. I started applying AtoZ's relief rub to my injury/back. To my chiropractors’ complete surprise, I was only in bed a day and a half before being able to resume my regular schedule and routine. I highly recommend their relief rub for all of your minor and major pain issues. I continue to recommend this product to my entire client base." - Jody L.

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