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CBD Pain Relief Rub
CBD Pain Relief Rub
CBD Pain Relief Rub

CBD Pain Relief Rub


These products are top of the line holistic solutions designed for use on areas of pain, inflammation and sore muscles. It contains the same quality CBD used in each of our product lines, combined with a blend of the best organic essential oils for optimal skin absorption.


Our 1000mg and 2000mg Pain Relief Rubs contain the same quality CBD with added CBG and Nano to provide fast ultra pain and inflammation relief.


Watch this quick video about how you can feel pain-free naturally.


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What It Is

This ultra light, premium topical glides onto the skin and absorbs almost instantly to deliver powerful pain, and inflammation relief. Formulated with our proprietary blend of organic oils and extracts, combined with an antioxidant-rich CBD isolate, to penetrate deep into the skin to help nourish, heal and protect. 

Keep Skin Healthy

Shown to inhibit the unwanted proliferation of sebum producing glands in the skin and normalize the elevated levels of pro-acne agents in skin cells. This formula will keep your skin looking healthy and without blemishes, all under a tremendous source or protection and relief

Eliminate Pain

Beneficial in relieving pain, inflammation, headaches, cramps, and psoriasis. Once absorbed, our topical interacts with nearby cannabinoid receptors increasing natural pain-relieving endocannabinoids, desensitizing pain receptors and decreasing inflammatory responses resulting in fast acting relief

Arthritic Relief

Recent studies analyzed if CBD has the capability of "preventing" oseroarthrits pain and joint neuropathy. Researchers affirmed that it did both due to it's innate ability in decreasing joint inflammation and protecting the nerves.

What It Does

Alleviate pain and inflammation using a superior CBD isolate, infused with a variety of oils to ensure optimal absorption

Moisturize and tone impaired skin using a combination of anti-oxidant rich essentials and cannibinoids 

Vitalize the senses through a blend of essential aroma oils for added relaxation and relief with every application