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 A white jar of CBD Respiratory Rub with a pastel desert label placed in the middle of botanical green plants.
Label for Respiratory Rub 700mg CBD and Nano available in half and 2 ounce sizes.
CBD-Cat-Drops-COA.jpg CBD Respiratory Rub Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC.

CBD Respiratory Rub 700mg


Relieving respiratory issues like  Asthma, COPD, Covid19 or a common cold are the essential functions of our formula that opens airways.  

Apply before sleep to the chest, back and throat for rapid relief..     


Our Respiratory Rub is a safe , all-natural alternative to chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  Breathe easy with our specially designed formula.

How to Use

Apply rub with two fingers to the area in pain, rub for 15-20 seconds.

Reapply as needed.


Packaged in a small .5 oz and medium 2 oz containers.

Our CBD Respiratory Rub

Our CBD Respiratory Rub

Harness the natural healing powers of botanicals and essential oils to alleviate symptoms of respiratory distress.

Natural antiseptic and natural antifungal properties.

People with respiratory issues like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and the common cold can breathe better and set up a defense by improving your immune system.

The blend of essentials in the rub along with peppermint oil will help you relax and provide relief for a restful sleep.

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