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Three bottles of CBD Ultra-Pain Relief Drops with fresh fruit representing the flavors; cut lemon, plump blueberries and peeled tangerine
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'ultra-pain relief drops 2000 mg CBD tangerine'
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'ultra-pain relief drops 2000 mg CBD lemon'
Amber bottle with a desert background label says 'ultra-pain relief drops 2000 mg CBD blueberry'
CBD Ultra-Pain Relief Drops 2000mg
CBD Ultra Pain Relief Drops Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC

CBD Ultra-Pain Relief Drops 2000mg


Highly recommended by physicians for pain management. 

This formulation contains CBD, CBG and Nano CBD.

Avoid opioids and eliminate OTC pain relievers to create a natural, healthy alternative to pain management.  The potent Drops pack a punch and eradicate acute and chronic pain.

Our all-natural CBD Pain Relief Drops along with some great tips below on how to transition from opioids to CBD are posted below.  

We have several customers who have successfully transitioned and so can you.  


This product is used for those with a higher tolerance level that want to manage their pain naturally.

How to Use

Take 2 full droppers under your tongue, hold 30—60 seconds and swallow.  After 7 days switch to one full dropper per day.. Use in the morning and the evening.


Packaged in a 1oz bottle with a 1mL dropper.  Bottle contains 2000 mg of CBD, 66 mg per dropper.


Opioid Alternative

Opioid Alternative

“I have a pars defect on my spine. It feels like a steak knife dragging up my back on a daily basis. I get through my 8-10 work days with the help of A To Z’s tinctures and salves. I’ve gotten my mother who suffers from sciatica and bulged disks to convert to using CBD and stay away from narcotics and opioids with A to Z. My mother in law went through non Hodgkin's lymphoma, pneumonia, and now fibromyalgia. She has constant aches and pains and a low immune system due to the chemo and radiation. She is now able to be productive, keep her appetite, and not miss any more days of work due to A to Z. It’s been a life changer and I really recommend anyone reading this to stop what they are doing and make the best decision of their life by using A to Z." - Daelon

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