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  A white jar of CBD Warm Up Rub with a pastel desert label placed in the middle of botanical green plants.
Label for Warm Up Rub 600mg CBD available in 2 ounce size.
CBD Warm Up Rub Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC.

CBD Warm Up Rub 600mg


An active lifestyle is possible with our Warm Up Rub. A simple formula that yields impressive results for the most active athlete and hardest-workers.

This rub is designed for use pre-workout or before the work day begins.  Alleviate the shock and strain to muscular tissue with our Warm Up Rub.


Our unique formula is most effective when applied before exercise or exertion and allows for a smooth and gentle transition to your most active state.. 

How to Use

Apply rub with two fingers to the area in pain, rub for 15-20 seconds.

Reapply as needed. 


Packaged in a medium 2 oz container.

Exercise and Sore Muscles

Exercise and Sore Muscles

Health professionals encourage a significant warm-up prior to physical activity. Our Warm Up Rub supports healthy exercise by easing your muscles and preparing your body for action!

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