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CBD Warm Up Rub 600mg.
CBD Warm Up Rub 600mg.
CBD Warm Up Rub 600mg.

Warm-Up Rub CBD 600mg


Increase flexibility, range of motion and joint mobility

Think of our Warm-Up Rub with CBD nano like an internal heat lamp for your muscles. It can help you avoid soreness and heavy fatigue, as well prepare them to take on intense physical activity!

Hard work and competition time is stressful enough without having to worry about being unready for it. That's why we created this product, which allows athletes of all levels (beginner or pro) the opportunity perform at their best because they have been adequately warmed up- before any exertion or hard work has begun!

How to Use

Apply to muscles pre-workout or before the work day begins.  Alleviate the shock and strain to muscular tissue with our Warm-Up Rub.  Reapply as needed. 


Packaged in a medium 2 oz container.

Exercise and Sore Muscles

Exercise and Sore Muscles

Health professionals encourage a significant warm-up prior to physical activity. Our Warm Up Rub supports healthy exercise by easing your muscles and preparing your body for action!

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