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Omega Pets Doggie Ear Ease


Give Your Furry Friend Quick, Affordable Relief: Try Ear Ease Today!

Attention Dog Owners: Up to 20% of dogs suffer from Ear Disease, primarily due to their unique ear anatomy. Unlike humans, dogs are more susceptible to painful ear infections caused by bacteria, yeast, or a combination of both. Don't rely on ineffective antibiotics to treat your dog's ear infections. Introducing Ear Ease, our breakthrough formula specifically designed to eliminate bacteria and yeast infections. With its patented Nano Silver technology, Ear Ease is both safe and highly effective in providing quick healing and long-lasting protection. Experience results in just days, all at an affordable price. Take care of your beloved furry friend with Ear Ease today.


Watch this video to see how these CBD drops will help your dog.

How to Use

Apply to your dogs itchy ears and dry patches. 


Packaged in a .67 oz tube.

Ozzie - The Black Lab

Ozzie - The Black Lab

“We are grateful to have found Robert and his CBD products. Our 11 year old black lab Ozzie was diagnosed with Lymphoma and went through the traditional veterinary treatments. We met Robert at the 10 month post-diagnosis mark and began CBD treatments. Currently Ozzie had his 12th birthday and has passed a year post- diagnosis which is the average a pet can live after traditional treatments. Given his breed and older age we notice that he’s getting around better and currently shows no signs of the cancer symptoms. His quality of life is great, he’s happy and that’s all that matters to us.” - Denise & Nathan S.

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AtoZ Botanicals

AtoZ Botanicals