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Natural A to Z Botanicals 3500mg CBD/CBG Pain Relief Drops with Tangerine and Lemon, surrounded by succulents for holistic wellness.
A to Z Botanicals Tangerine Ultra-Pain Relief CBD/CBG 3500mg Oil Dropper Bottle on a white background.
A to Z Botanicals Lemon Ultra-Pain Relief CBD/CBG 3500mg Oil Dropper Bottle on a white background.
Delta Verde Laboratory Certificate of Analysis for A to Z Botanicals Ultra-Pain Relief CBD/CBG 3500mg Drops, confirming zero THC content.

AtoZ Botanicals

Ultra-Pain Relief Drops 3500mg


Ultra-Pain Relief Drops 3500mg: High-Strength, THC-Free CBD/CBG for Severe Pain Relief - Tangerine & Lemon Flavor

Targeted Natural Relief in Every Drop

Embrace nature's answer to discomfort. A to Z Botanicals' Ultra-Pain Relief Drops offer a robust defense against severe and chronic pain, including arthritis, nerve pain, and inflammation.

Crafted for Chronic and Acute Pain

Feel the difference. 3000mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG combine with therapeutic terpenes in a tangy tangerine and zesty lemon blend, meticulously designed to target areas of chronic pain, acute flare-ups, and persistent discomfort.

How It Works

Uncomplicated relief.
Shake, draw, place, hold, and swallow.
One full dropper a day for the most effective pain management.
Shake before use | place drops under tongue | hold 5-10 seconds | swallow.

Pure Ingredients, Pure Relief

Nature's potency in every bottle. Experience the fusion of CBD, CBG, terpenes, and natural flavors.


Packaged in a 1oz bottle with a 1mL dropper.  Bottle contains 3000 mg of CBD,  and 500 mg CBG. 

Your Questions, Answered

FAQ: Who Should Use This?

Chronic pain warriors. This is your new daily defense.

  • Arthritis Sufferers: Find a soothing ally in your daily routine.
  • Neuropathy Patients: Get targeted support for nerve discomfort.
  • Back Pain Warriors: Embrace mobility with back-specific relief.
  • Migraine Endurers: Welcome the calm amidst the storm.
  • Fibromyalgia Individuals: Soften the all-over body pain.
  • Post-Workout Enthusiasts: Accelerate your muscle recovery

FAQ: Why Choose THC-Free?

Clear mind, full relief, can't lose.

FAQ: What Can I Expect?

A citrus burst of relief that targets pain at its core.


*Trust in transparency. A to Z Botanicals adheres to the highest standards. Not FDA evaluated. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult a healthcare professional.


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