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Omega Pets-CBD Cat Drops 100mg
Amber bottle with a terrier dog and american short hair cat label says 'omega pets Cat Drops 100 mg CBD'
Label for Omega Pets cat drops 100mg cbd.
CBD Cat Drops Certificate of Analysis, Verified No THC

Omega Pets-CBD Cat Drops 100mg


Highly recommended by Veterinarians. 

All the benefits of a high potency CBD oil, with added terpenes for pain management, swelling and anxiety.  Great for older cats.


This formulation is designed for cats with anxiety or in need of relief from pain, and swelling.

How to Use

Start with 1/2 dropper per day increase as needed.


Packaged in a 1 oz bottle with a 1 mL dropper.  Bottle contains 100mg of CBD, 3.33 mg per dropper.  1 oz bottle with 30 full droppers per bottle. 

Sinceres' Testimony

Sinceres' Testimony

“We put our cat on AtoZ Botanicals' Omega Pets. Our 18 year old cat, Sincere, suffers from Diabetes and Anemia. Sincere had been getting twice daily insulin shots of 4.5 units since 2013. We put Sincere on daily regiments of Omega Pets Cat Drops last March. Today Sincere is using less than half the insulin (1.5 units twice daily) and the Anemia has gone into remission. Sincere has become a younger and healthier cat since we put him on AtoZ Botanicals Omega Pets Cat formula.” -Kevin

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