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The Formulation Scientist meets the Chef

40 years combined experience in formulations of alternative health products to help those in pain.


Our founders, Robert and Donna Kenney, Jr., began their journey helping others with pain relief and alternative medical solutions in 2012, when they created products for a pain clinic in Payson, Arizona. That was the time that forever changed their future and their destiny.
Robert earned a college degree in biology and spent most of his adult life researching and working in plant based alternative medicine, as well as spent years in the culinary field creating products in the food industry. Robert is not only one of the founders, but he is also our formulation specialist.   Robert is the creative force behind our fantastic body care products.  Each of the body care products are specifically designed for medical issues and have had tremendous results.


Donna came from a culinary background, specifically as a pastry chef.  Her culinary experience was expected, with both parents immigrating to the US from Italy and opening Italian restaurants in both Pittsburgh, PA and Phoenix, AZ.  Donna is our infusion specialist, and to this date, has never tested under the amount of CBD that is listed on the label.  Donna is the creative force behind all of our great tasting and medically beneficial edibles, which include our tinctures and candies. 

The Kitchen

Robert and Donna began their journey in the medical marijuana industry, eventually running their own medical marijuana kitchen.  Over the years, they have been able to combine CBD products void of THC.  Robert created his own plant-based terpenes that have taken CBD to another level. With Donna’s culinary experience, she has proven that tinctures do not have to taste awful to actually work.

Whats In It For You?

Testimonial from Anthony.

"Hi Robert,

The CBD salve has really improved my quality of living.  I have had problems with my back since high school since I injured my back (stress fracture) playing sports.  I end up throwing out my back about once a year.  This would require an emergency room visit and a prescription for painkillers and muscle relaxers due to the spasms I would get.  I would take me a couple of weeks to get back to normal.  I tried your CBD salve right after one of these injuries and it was amazing how it instantly stopped the spasms and loosened my back up.  Now I use it daily on my back and I have never felt better!  I have bought some product for my friends and family and they have all be amazed with how instantly it brings relief and are all repeat customers.   I have tried other lower strength CBD products that have no noticeable effects.  With your CBD salve, there is no wondering if it is working.  The effects are felt instantly and last for hours.  I sincerely appreciate the work that you do with this product.  I used the 600 mg and 1000 mg strengths.  I do not see myself every using a painkiller or muscle relaxer for my back again as a direct result of trying your CBD pain relief salve.