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Omega Pets Ultra-Dog Drops CBD/CBG 850mg bottle for large dogs displayed against a backdrop of lush succulents, highlighting natural, holistic pet care."
Omega Pets Ultra CBD/CBG Dog Drops 850mg in a dropper bottle for pain and anxiety relief in large dog breeds, isolated on a white background.
Omega Pets Ultra-Dog Drops CBD/CBG 850mg

AtoZ Botanicals

Omega Pets Ultra-Dog Drops CBD/CBG 850mg


Give Your Big Pooch a Big Boost with Omega Pets Ultra CBD/CBG Dog Drops

Crafted for the big hearts of large dogs, A to Z Botanicals’ Omega Pets Ultra-Dog Drops stand at the forefront of pet wellness. These THC-free, broad-spectrum drops blend CBD with CBG, creating a powerful, all-natural remedy for your gentle giant’s discomfort and stress. Perfect for soothing hip and joint issues, easing pain, and calming nerves during thunderstorms or separations, it's the premier CBD solution for dogs facing a range of health challenges.

Beyond pain relief, our Omega Pets Ultra-Dog Drops offer calming support across several areas critical to your dog's quality of life:

  • Mobility: Aiding those with mobility issues to move more freely and enjoy their daily walks.
  • Cognitive Function: Supporting brain health to keep those senior moments at bay.
  • Stress: Providing a soothing presence for hyper dogs and those suffering from anxiety or the impacts of dementia.

Specially formulated to address the needs of dogs with anxiety, dementia, pain, hip and joint issues, and even those undergoing cancer treatments, this blend offers a holistic approach to health. It’s also ideal for hyper dogs and senior canines, ensuring they remain as lively and loving as ever.

Watch this video to see how these drops will help your dog.



  • Potent CBD/CBG Formula: Designed for the unique needs of large dogs.
  • Lab-Approved: Stringently tested to guarantee your pet’s safety.
  • Targeted Relief: From arthritis to anxiety, we cover all the bases.

Simple Dosing for Big Dogs


A straightforward dropper a day keeps the discomfort at bay. For pups over 50 lbs, one dropper is all you need.

Pure Ingredients, Pure Comfort

  • Premium CBD/CBG Mix: For the comprehensive well-being of your furry friend.
  • Holistic Botanicals: Added to soothe and comfort.

Conveniently Packaged

  • A 1 oz bottle holds 30 doses—enough for a whole month of tail-wagging happiness.


For pet use only. Always consult a vet, especially if your dog has health issues or is on other medications. Not for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing diseases.

Naturally Nurture Your Dog's Wellness

Bid farewell to pain and hello to playful days. Omega Pets Ultra-Dog Drops from A to Z Botanicals are the natural choice for your large dog's well-being. Help your four-legged friend enjoy life to the fullest—Fetch a bottle and see the difference!

Ozzie - The Black Lab

Ozzie - The Black Lab

“We are grateful to have found Robert and his CBD products. Our 11 year old black lab Ozzie was diagnosed with Lymphoma and went through the traditional veterinary treatments. We met Robert at the 10 month post-diagnosis mark and began CBD treatments. Currently Ozzie had his 12th birthday and has passed a year post- diagnosis which is the average a pet can live after traditional treatments. Given his breed and older age we notice that he’s getting around better and currently shows no signs of the cancer symptoms. His quality of life is great, he’s happy and that’s all that matters to us.” - Denise & Nathan S.

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