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Omega Pets Premium Dog Drops 2000mg CBD/CBG for extra large dogs, presented in front of a lush succulent background.
Omega Pets Premium 2000mg CBD/CBG Dog Drops for dogs over 80 lbs, displayed against a clean white background.
High-CBD, THC-free Certificate of Analysis for KND Labs' Crystalline CBD Isolate, verified by SC Labs for quality assurance."

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Omega Pets-Ultra-Dog Drops CBD/CBG 2000mg


Specifically Formulated for Dogs Over 80 lbs: Omega Pets Ultra CBD/CBG 2000mg!


Product Description

A Game-Changer in Pet Wellness for Extra Large Dogs.

Crafted to meet the unique needs of extra large dogs, Omega Pets Ultra Dog Drops offer a pioneering blend of CBD and CBG, enhanced with powerful natural ingredients, targeting the well-being of your beloved pet like never before.
With 2000mg of high-potency hemp extract, this premium supplement is designed to support the health and happiness of dogs weighing 80 lbs and up.

Key Benefits for Your Extra Large Pup

  • Advanced Pain Relief:
    Tailored to tackle the intensity of discomfort that larger dogs face, providing them with the relief they need to live fully.

  • Calming Effect:
    Specifically formulated to address anxiety and stress in large breeds, ensuring peace and relaxation in any situation.

  • Enhanced Mobility:
    Aids in maintaining healthy joints and mobility, essential for the well-being of larger dogs.

  • Overall Health Boost:
    Supports respiratory and skin health, while also fortifying the immune system, digestion, and coat quality, thanks to the inclusion of Bee Propolis, Thyme, and Basil.


Innovative Formula for Maximum Effect


  • Potent CBD/CBG Blend:
    Leveraging the synergistic effects of CBD and CBG, this powerful formula offers unmatched benefits for your pet's health, including bone stimulation, skin conditions improvement, eye health, tumor growth control, and pain relief.

  • High Potency Hemp Extract:
    Sourced from the finest hemp to ensure your pet benefits from the highest quality supplement.

  • Added Terpenes and Bee Resin:
    These natural compounds, along with Thyme and Basil, enhance the formula's effectiveness. Bee Propolis protects against canine flu, kennel cough, and other infections. Thyme creates a healthier digestive tract and boosts the immune system, especially beneficial for dogs struggling with yeast infections. Basil, with its high levels of antioxidants, helps prevent illness, including cancer.

  • MCT Oil:
    Known for reducing seizures in dogs, MCT oil also supports brain energy and mental functions, particularly advantageous for older dogs.

How to Use:

Administer directly into your dog’s mouth or mix it with their favorite food. Start with a recommended dose of 1 dropper full per day and adjust as needed for optimal health benefits.


Contains approximately 30 doses in a 1 oz bottle with a 1 mL dropper, crafted to deliver 1 month's supply of health support.


Omega Pets Ultra Dog Drops are not just for senior dogs or those facing health challenges. This advanced formula is ideal for supporting the vitality and well-being of dogs of all ages, specifically those over 80 lbs. Witness a transformation in your pet's quality of life with every drop.

Elevate Your Large Dog’s Well-being:

With Omega Pets Ultra Dog Drops, your extra large companion will experience unprecedented health benefits. Invest in their happiness and health today, utilizing the natural, holistic power of CBD, CBG, and essential botanicals for comprehensive care.



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