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CBD Stories - Jockey Testimonial

Written by: AtoZ Botanicals Staff



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CBD Testimonial by renowned jockey Shannon Beauregard

Hi, My name is Shannon Beauregard. I am a professional jockey. I have been riding race horses for 19 years all over Canada and the United States. 

Being a jockey is a hazardous sport, it’s not a matter of if you’re going to have injuries it’s a matter of when! 

I have suffered many injuries over the years. I have broken my back 2 times. The first time I broke 8 vertebras in 39 pieces. I blew out ligaments in my knee, I have had 2 surgeries on my knee and ankle, Multiple concussions (the worst one lasted 18 months), broken ribs, toes, fingers… 

I first started using CBD pain relief rub in Arizona that I got from another jockey. He told me about this amazing rub that actually works!!!! 

Let me tell you, this is the best muscle and pain-reliving rub I have ever used. I now use it every day. So does my mother, and she has lupus, nothing has helped her muscle pain. This does!!! My father uses it for his back. It is fused from all the years of truck driving. 

I was running out of my CBD pain relief rub, so I called to inquire about trying to get more. I ended up talking to Robert. He told me about all the other products they made and how he thought the pain relief drops could really help me. I knew the pain relief rub worked so I was up to try it, but I was spectacle to be honest. I was taking oxycodone and then T3 for my back for so long that my stomach was always bothering me. I knew I needed to do something different for my pain. 

Shannon Beauregard

Being a competitive athlete, I have to pass a drug test so ridding on oxycontin and most pain killers are out of the question. All the products from AtoZ Botanicals have NO THC!!! I have not found any other CBD products that don’t contain traces of THC, which is not acceptable for athletes that must pass drug tests. 

So, I took a chance and listened to this gentleman on the phone named Robert. 

The ultra-pain relief drops actually worked. I stopped taking my T3’s and I was able to ride pain free and get back to life again feeling great. My life has never been the same since that phone call!!! 

I’m September 2020, I went down in a race and broke my hip and pelvic right through. My left side fell right off when I was brought into the ER. I spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital, and I currently still have a broken hip needing surgery again. It’s been a year and I honestly don’t know how I would have dealt with all the pain without having my CBD products. 

I suffered lots of nerve damage as well. I use the pain relief rub on my hip and leg, it really helps so much with the pain. 

Robert and the team from AtoZ Botanicals have help me so much over the years. I am truly thankful and grateful for having them just a phone call away. They have helped me more than any doctor with my pain, whether it be muscle pain, nerve pain or broken bones... 

This is truly an amazing company with products that work!!! They are people who actually care about helping people. I have never found anything that works as good as these products. Thank you Robert and the team, from AtoZ Botanicals for helping me so much!!!  

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