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AtoZ Botanicals

Omega Pets-CBD Steak Bites 10mg


Delicious Treats that Provide Relief 🐶


Who doesn't love spoiling their furry best friend with the best of the best? With CBD Steak Bites, you can do just that while also providing some much-needed relief to your pup. Thanks to the powerful medicinal properties found in CBD from the hemp plant, CBD Steak Bites can help ease your pup's anxiety during a stormy night or soothe those aching joints that come with old age. Plus, as a pet owner, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're treating your furry friend to something that's both delicious and beneficial to their health. So go ahead and spoil your dog with some CBD Steak Bites - they deserve it!


How to Use

Give to your pet when you want them to feel as special as possible.  1 treat for dogs 40 pounds or greater.  Smaller dogs give 1/2 a treat.  


Packaged in a bottle with a 30 treats. 10 mg per steak bite.  


AtoZ Botanicals

AtoZ Botanicals